"Just for today do not worry....Just for today do not anger....Honor your parents, Teachers and Elders....Earn your living honestly....Show gratitude to every living thing"      

Relax with Feel Good HolisticsThe word Reiki is Japanese and means universal life energy (an energy which is all around us).
Reiki is a deeply relaxing healing energy therapy which uses hands-on or hands off healing. When healing energy flows freely through us we are well and happy - in a state of balance. When we have blockages in our energy or we are "off balance" we feel ill, stressed, run down, etc. It is important to ensure that the body's energy is balanced as stress is a major cause of many illnesses.
Reiki treats the person as a whole, rather than treating a specific condition, getting to the root of the problem which may be unknown.
Reiki is a highly intelligent energy, it knows where and how it is needed and works as necessary, it flows to areas that are imbalanced or blocked, helping the body's natural ability to heal itself while helping to reduce any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing.
Reiki can be used to treat emotional, physical, mental or energetic issues.
Some clients come for treatments as they have a specific illness that would benefit from the healing energy of Reiki, other clients come for treatments because they find the experience very relaxing and can see the benefits of relaxation while receiving healing energy, others come as they may be at a crossroad and find that receiving Reiki helps them to clear their mind - making decisions easier. You don't need to have a specific reason for having a treatment, anyone can enjoy the healing energy of Reiki!

What happens during a reiki treatment?
Relieve stress with a reiki treatmentI will go through a consultation with you before your treatment, this will involve a short medical history, I will then give you an explanation as to what happens during a treatment You will lay on a treatment couch whilst fully clothed during this treatment, although I will ask you to remove any shoes or glasses you may be wearing to ensure your comfort.There is no massage or manipulation during  a Reiki treatment. My hands will be placed just above your body or gently on your body, you may find that during the treatment you notice heat coming from my hands, you may notice tingling, throbbing, coolness or other sensations, although some people find that they don't notice anything during a treatment. Everyone is different and every treatment is different.

How will I feel after the reiki treatment?
Most people find that they feel very relaxed and peaceful following a Reiki treatment. Some people find that they feel energised, while others feel tired. Reiki sometimes stirs up emotions as part of the healing process. Occasionally people notice that following a treatment they have a headache or feel as though they have a mild col, this is part of their healing process.

How many reiki treatments will I need?
This will vary from one person to another. Depending on your reasons for wanting Reiki treatments I may suggest that you have a few treatments close together, or I may suggest that you need to come back in 3 weeks. We will discuss how many treatments you need and the frequency of treatments once you've had your first Reiki treatment.
Some of the many benefits:
  • Encourages relaxation, giving the body time to begin healing itself
  • Reduces stress levels whether work realsed or otherwise
  • Aids better sleep
If you would like to try reiki book a 30 minute treatment. 
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I had my first experience of Reiki a year ago and it was so amazing that I have been coming back regularly ever since! It was very relaxing both physically and emotionally. Andrea is very friendly, calming and intuitively seems to know how to help you. If you have never tried Reiki I would recommend Andrea as her treatments are so good that you are guaranteed the best nights sleep ever! RG